How to collect customer feedback

Tips on How to Collect Customer Feedback

How to collect customer feedback: How often do you do surveys for your course as an online course creator? Start now if you haven’t already. Do you know that 89 percent of customers check product reviews before making a purchase? Therefore, if you don’t regularly perform online course assessment surveys, you won’t know how to enhance your course and advance it. 79 percent of consumers who purchase digital goods or courses do so in response to internet reviews. As a result, customer feedback is essential to the sales process.

To advance your business and engage in fruitful discussion with your pupils, feedback is crucial. Therefore, you may utilize it to improve your digital goods for your e-learning business if you can collect useful feedback from your students.

Let’s now go right to the point and talk about 3 clever techniques to gather feedback as well as a list of contemporary internet resources to utilize for feedback.

Let’s get started with what is feedback and its importance.

Three approaches to getting online course assessment questionnaires

Design in-course polls

How to collect customer feedback: Your course has been developed and published, but how can you now get insightful feedback from your students? Therefore, the perfect time to inquire is when the student is taking your course and learning new things. Ask for comments by including feedback forms at various portions of your course, or include external links that lead to pages outside of it. This is the clearest approach to getting feedback from your students on the course material, instructional strategies, and overall experience. We hope that you have understood what is feedback and how to gather customer feedback answers.

You might also contact them for follow-up by SMS or social media. It is yet another excellent surveying method. Since 82 percent of text messages are read within the first two seconds after receipt, you should draft it. Due to how simple it is for consumers to respond to a short poll by text, SMS also has greater response rates. Make sure you have the most recent cell numbers for the people taking your course, though, if you intend to perform online course assessment surveys.

Emailing the learners

How to collect customer feedback: This is another method of doing online course evolution surveys that is really successful. Directly contacting your students through their email inboxes is helpful. Given that it has an open rate of over 23% in the education and training sector, email is a great means to communicate. To increase your email’s chances of getting opened, try to customize the subject line. Go directly to the point and make sure what you are expressing is clear. Such that your pupils decide to read and reply to your email.

Correctly wording the email subject line shows that you are clear about what you want from the recipient. Additionally, it’s crucial to ask in a kind manner, use their names when addressing them, introduce yourself, and express what you want of them.

Conduct personal interviews

How to collect customer feedback: It is also one of the most effective ways to figure out exactly what your students want from you. You’ll gain more insight by speaking with certain students. You can spend ten to one-hour talking to them and responding to their inquiries. If you have a sizable database, you might even be able to pick a representative sample of students to interview one-on-one. In order to provide a more individualized response, you are taking the time to comprehend them.

However, when you are asking the proper questions in accordance with the requirements of your online course, personal interviews will enable you to obtain insightful information. After creating the questionnaire, arrange the day and personally invite your consumers.

Five questions to include in an interesting course review survey

How to collect customer feedback: Use these five question styles in your online course assessment surveys if you want to get real, accurate feedback.

  • Closed-ended questions: Closed-ended inquiries are manageable and relaxing to respond to. Analyzing the input received here is simple. The information gathered aids in decision-making.
  • Preference Questions: This question enables one to identify their preferences with regard to a given subject. Utilize this style of inquiry to learn what your students enjoy and hate about your course. You can look into their reasoning for selecting a particular choice further.
  • MCQs: To help the kids choose an answer, present them with numerous options. The query is simple, applicable to all situations, and produces accurate data that is simple to interpret.
  • Questions using rankings: Students are given a list of possible answers and asked to rank them from most desired to least favored. However, you may assess the preferred order using this question.
  • Open-ended questions: Every survey needs open-ended questions, but they shouldn’t be ambiguous in the open-ended comment section. However, be careful to use each criticism to enhance your online course.

The top 3 solutions for gathering evaluations for your online course

How to collect customer feedback: To choose and organize your responses, there are several useful tools available. All you require is a course that has an online form. Check out some of the following tools:

Google forms

Google form is conceivably the most popular and simple survey-taking tool available. Use it to create colorful, appealing surveys that are based on themes, and your progress is immediately recorded.


You may collect the responses from your survey evaluation using this useful tool from Survey Anywhere. This report compiles the responses and enables you to get unique ideas for every single course depending on the responses.


Additionally, it is a great choice since it offers unique design options and enables you to construct extra inquiry types, such as ratings, multiple-choice, dropping lists, picture choice, and multiple-choice. The free edition of Typeform, however, provides an infinite number of surveys and questions with a maximum of 100 replies.

We hope this article helps you in understanding how to collect customer feedback. Follow the best platform to sell online courses.

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