Tips to Choose the Right Course Pattern

These days it’s very easy to create an online course and offer it to the students. However, one of the many challenges that online course creators face is how to structure their courses in such a way that they can be easily followed by a student. Online courses have become a popular way to learn a new skill, improve your knowledge, or get feedback on a certain topic. As these courses have proliferated in recent years, more and more people are turning to them as a way to learn. But what is the best course pattern for an online course?

Course pattern of an online course

Online courses are a growing trend in the educational world. They allow anyone to take courses on subjects that they find interesting, and typically these courses are created in the form of interactive videos and text. However, setting up an online course can be difficult. Online course creators have questions like how do you create an engaging and informative course without it becoming too much information in a single plate? In this article, we will look at the ways to choose the best course pattern for an online course.

Why are course patterns important?

Every student has his or her own learning style. Some students prefer to start learning directly without understanding the course pattern and course structure. Whereas, some students prefer to understand their course pattern first. In order to engage with their course material by watching videos, performing activities, and engaging in discussion forums, students prefer to be thorough with their course pattern. Course patterns are also important as they allow instructors to organize the information that they present online so that it’s easier for students to understand the topics.

What are the options for online course patterns?

While deciding on the course pattern for an online course, the options are to use a predetermined sequence, a random sequence, or a self-paced course. The predetermined pattern gives the student a set time to complete the task in front of them and maybe useful if the task is easy to navigate. A random pattern will have different tasks presented at different times without the knowledge of what is next. Self-paced courses do not place any restrictions on when work is due and tasks can be done in any order desired.

How can an online course creator choose a specific pattern?

An online course creator can choose different patterns for their courses. There are many ways to go about this, but the most common way is to evaluate the learners’ preferences and see what types of courses they would like. Online courses have a lot of flexibility and can be made as much or as little difficult as desired.

When should an online course creator use a particular pattern?

When should the creator of an online course use a particular pattern? One way to answer this is to look at what the course is trying to accomplish. For example, if students are trying to improve their vocabulary, then the creator might want to break up the course into smaller pieces that cannot be completed in one sitting. Similarly, if there’s a lot of information they need to get through in a short period of time, then it would make sense for the creator to have multiple smaller courses on specific topics.


Online courses are a convenient way to learn new information and skills. They allow people who work remotely or can’t attend classes in person to get the education they need. The benefits of online courses are clear, and if the course creators choose the right course pattern for their courses, they can surely expect a massive change on the way. In a nutshell, the online course creators should stick to the needs, requirements, and understanding levels of their existing and potential students.

Thank you and happy learning!

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