How to Choose the Right Background for Your Online Course

When we talk about the success of an online course, there are various metrics or parameters to evaluate it. The true meaning of success for every course creator may be different totally depending on their objectives. 

  • Generating higher revenue
  • Become the best-selling course
  • Providing good user experience & engagement, etc.

Any one of the above-mentioned points or a combination of the above-mentioned points can be the objective for an online course creator. However, the third point, ‘providing good user experience & engagement’ mostly remains a common objective for the course creators. 

Talking about the best user experience & engagement process, it again consists of a lot of factors. One of the important factors is the look of the content you share with the learners. Be it the theme of your course, the quality of the videos present in your online course, or even the background of your videos, each thing matters to make a course successful.

How to choose background, how to choose the right video editing background, tips to choose background, etc., are a few most searched questions on the web. How to choose background remains an important question for the online course creators as they want to provide the best user experience to the customers.

In this article, we will be talking about an important element for higher user engagement, i.e. components that can help you in making an interactive video. An important component is the background of your videos, it speaks a lot about you and your course. The right video editing background will impact the appearance of your largely. It is important to choose background that compliments your online course and helps you gain more visibility. There are multiple options available when it comes to choosing the right background. Let’s explore a few options & see what works the best for you and your course. 

 Option 1- Leave it Unpatterned

If you ever come to a situation where you are unable to decide on what kind of background you should choose for your online course, backgrounds with solid colors can truly be your savior. The best part about selecting solid colors is that it offers you a large plate of choices. You can choose light shades, dark shades, or anything in between as per your preference. You can totally decide the look of your videos and assure that the background of your course isn’t too distracting for the learners. 

Option  2- Use Illustrations

The second option is to use illustrations as a background. I am sure that as a course creator you will want to keep your users engaged and want them to think good about your classes. One way in which you can do that is by using illustrated backgrounds for your online course. Illustrated backgrounds not only seem attractive, but they actually reflect a lot about your perspectives and thought processes. Therefore, make sure to choose the right illustrations for the background of your videos. 

Option 3- Use pictures that tell a story

Once I was watching a video of a motivational speaker, they were shooting that video at their home because it was Covid times and maybe his studio was not accessible. The wall of his room was full of meaningful posters, most of them were about being optimistic, positive, and solution-oriented in life. The atmosphere of that video was so positive that I felt like living a positive life. The very next morning I bought a home plant and a few posters for my room. In short, the speaker’s story someway motivated me and left an impact on my life. Therefore, I suggest you use such a background that tells your story as a course creator. 

Option 4- Plants & Paintings

Putting painting and plants in the background is the safest option when it comes to choosing the right background for your online course. It not only gives an aesthetically pleasing look to your video but also creates a positive environment near you. You will automatically feel fresh and will want to give your best to the course. 

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