How to Choose the Course Name for Your Online Course

When you hear the word name, what comes to your mind?
For me, it’s ‘identity’ that strikes first to my head. A name gives us an identity, helps us differentiate between different people and things in the world. Can you imagine how confusing the world would seem if the concept of names didn’t exist.

Did you know: The Romans invented a naming system based on a blend of personal and family names.

However, when we talk about the name of a person and the name of a course, they can mean totally different. The concept significance, importance, and impact is poles apart from each other. Let’s read why?

1- The reason to name a person is to give them an identity if their own. It does not represent their thoughts or define their success in life.

2- The name of a course on the other hand can surely impact the success of that course largely. The name of a course speaks a lot about what the course is about. In short, choosing the right name for your online course is a very crucial step, make sure you sit with enough time and research to reach a conclusion.

So how do we know that this will be the best name for our course? What should be the idea while brainstorming for the perfect course name? How to choose catchy names for online classes?  How to choose the best name for online classes?
These are a few most asked questions on the internet. The answer to these questions is right here.

Pro tip:  It’s simple, all you need to do is know your course well. When I talk about knowing the course well, I mean to keep in mind the problem your course is solving for the learners. Make a note of the impact you are creating. For instance, if your are creating a creating a course on writing, where you teach people the concepts of novel writing or story telling, you can name your course something like- ‘The Journey from Idea to the best selling novel’.

The name of your course in itself speaks a lot about your course. It will clearly help the learners build a trust on your course that it will help the in transforming their idea into a successful novel.

The idea is to reflect the impact that your course can create in the lives of the learners. 

The course name is the first thing that learners would look into when they search for courses online. When course creators are creating online courses, it is important to highlight the details of the course as it matters to the learner’s eye. The course content is the most essential part yet the course name is what catches the learners’ attention at first. Although as the statement goes – ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover – your course content is what actually matters to the learners, yet the course name grabs their attention to enroll in the course. The course name is what puts the first impression and attracts the audience for your course.
Let’s look at how to choose the perfect course name for your online courses –

1. Set it according to the audience preferences

As course creators, you need to make sure that you have a clear understanding of who all are your potential customers or learners. When course creators would know who all are their target audience for their online course, it would get easier to identify learners’ perspectives for various aspects of the course. When course creators will identify the target audience, they’ll be able to use the right language that would attract them. Use a course name for your online course that matches your learner’s needs.

For instance, if you are creating a fitness course, or helping the learners in achieving their health goals, the you can choose catchy names for online classes like-

1- Get, Set, and Fit in 28 days
2- Six Pack Abs Summer
3- Way to your Beach Body

2. Identify the subsegments within your audience

Remember how our teacher used to give us assignments after every lesson? But the teachers used to give those assignments on the basis of the levels.

1- The Basic Level
2- The Advanced Level
3- The Higher Advanced Level

S‍imilarly, your potential customers might be looking for different levels while buying a course.

After identifying the learners’ needs, you need to segment your audience or learners into different subsegments. Your learners or audience may include different groups of people. There might be learners who want to enroll to learn for upskilling, there might be learners who want to enroll for professional up-gradation and there might be people who are interested in your class to learn something in their free time.

You need to identify the level to which your course caters the learner requirements. For instance, if your course helps the beginners in beginning their journey of coding your course can have a catchy names for online classes something like-

1- The Art of Coding- Beginner’s Guide
2- Coding from Zero



3. Create your course name using psychographic information

While creating the course name of your online course ask a few questions about your audience like – What are they interested in, what do they want to learn more about, how they expect to learn from the course, what are they interested in, what are their challenges, etc.

Psychographic information in simpler terms means understanding the personality and traits of your audience. For instance- if you are creating a course that helps the learners in learning baking, than the psychographic understanding here can be that-
1- they must be following some specialists who bake, say XYZ
2- might have read a few books on baking
3- might follow famous social media accounts, say ABC

You can utilize this information while choosing the right name for your online course. You can name your course something like-
Bake like XYZ
Be the next ABC



4. Kindle their curiosity

The course name is the first thing that most potential learners who want to enroll in your online course would see. When you choose the right course name in regard to your audience’s choice, it’ll pique their curiosity and it will draw them to your online course and make them want to learn more. While choosing catchy names for online classes make sure that you choose a name that kindles to the curiousity of your learners, afterall providing the best user experience is crucial for an online course creator.

5. Keep your course name result-oriented

Top-selling course names are result-oriented. The course name conveys the result that students can expect by taking the course. When you set the course name in consideration of the course result then it attracts customers or learners.

6. Keep it short and memorable

Choosing catchy names for online classes‍ does not necessarily mean long names. Make your course name easy to remember, something that your audience could associate with and could remember easily. Make sure you include your students’ goals while framing the course name. Frame the course name in a way that students can reflect upon while looking at it.

7. Make it accurate

Remember to consider promising content where your learners are not disappointed and get want they were looking for. You as the course creator need to make sure you set the right expectations to attract the right audience for your course.
When you choose the name of your online course, make sure to not promise something that you do not provide in the course.

For instance, if your course caters to the needs of a beginner, do not name your course something like ‘Advanced Baking in 25 Days’. It will unnecessarily confuse your customers and might even ruin your brand image largely, be very careful about it.

‍If you are extremely passionate about creating and selling online courses, then naming your online course should be the most important thing for you. Make sure to give it enough time, attention, and thought.

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