How to Build an Email List for Your Online Course Audience

If you run an online course business, you must be aware of the need to market your courses. Email marketing is one of the ways to promote your business to the right audience. You must have heard about email lists and how building one can help you scale your business.

Building an email list from scratch might seem complex and challenging. However, creating one for your business is worth your time and effort. Your email list is a crucial asset to your company. Therefore, do not waste your time and start soon to make the most out of this asset.

What is an Email List?

An email list is a database of different email addresses collected through your marketing efforts. When your customers sign-up for your course, they provide basic information about themselves. This information also includes their email address. However, creating a database of email addresses is only half of the entire process. Then you need to segment and target the email list to grab your customer’s attention and enhance the open rate and reduce the bounce rate.

Email marketing can help you retarget your existing customers. For example, if you are writing an email to someone who has purchased your online course, you aim to make them repeat customers. On the contrary, if you are emailing someone who is not your customer, your approach will be different.

Therefore, you must segment your email list into different categories to reach your existing and potential customers.

How to develop an email list from scratch?

Email marketing has emerged as a significant marketing strategy because it is cost-effective and personalized, and the message gets delivered straight to the inbox.

Here is the step-by-step approach to building your email list from scratch.

  • Focus on personalization and create a personalized CTA 

Personalization can make you stand out and help you create your place in the market. A personalized CTA works 20-30% better than standard or generic CTAs. Keep your call-to-action simple. Intent-based content and CTA can encourage more participants to take your course.

  • Gather emails in-person

Leverage the online and offline surroundings to create an email list. If you are hosting an offline event, try to collect the email addresses of your attendees. However, do not force your attendees to submit their email addresses. Instead, allure them to provide their basic information while passing interesting facts. Later, target them through your email marketing strategies. These are one of the authentic and best ways to create a mailing list.

  • Use paid campaigns

Organic traffic may take time to show you the desired results. However, if you want to target your audience within a limited time frame, you can run a lead generation campaign. Give your potential customers a snapshot of your online course. In return, you can ask them to submit their email address and other basic information. Next, use these email addresses to run a retargeting campaign.

  • Add value to the CTA

Show the value of your offerings to your audiences. You can play with language and tones to entice your audiences. For example, use humor and sarcasm to grab your audience’s attention. Write a crisp copy to deliver your message.

  • Host a webinar

Leverage the internet to present yourself before your learners. You can host a live webinar to connect with your prospective and existing learners. Live videos will enable your audiences to remember you. Moreover, it will establish your credibility in the online course community. When you face the camera and deliver the talk, your audience will recognize you. So host lives webinars and ask your audience to sign-up for your courses using the email ids.

  • Encourage sign-ups

If your audiences have become your fans and followers, use this opportunity to create an email list. You can ask your followers to subscribe to your newsletter. Tell them about how your newsletter would be beneficial to them. It is one of the best ways to create a mailing list.

  • Launch a giveaway

If you are a course creator, you must be aware of the wants and needs of your learners. So give your learners something that adds value to their lives. Launch a giveaway and ask your audiences to participate. Moreover, you may ask them to share the giveaway with their friends and family. Collect the email addresses of the participants to create an email list.

Email lists help you connect with your target audiences. You can send them personalized messages to build an emotional connection or promote your courses. Moreover, email marketing can convert your potential buyers into paid customers. Hope reading this blog helps you to create an email list for your online course. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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