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How to Build an Online Course Sales Page

The customers for your online course are typically students who may be from any corner of the world. Therefore, you won’t necessarily be meeting them to sell your course content. Making sales calls can be cumbersome, and you may not be great at selling things. However, ultimately, you dream of selling your course to as many people as possible. So, you need to create an attractive sales page to bail you out of this situation. A course sales page is a landing page or a course description page that you can integrate into your blog/website. The page will entice the audience to take up your course, and they will pay you to acquire the knowledge it provides. Therefore, it has to be something that clicks and excites the audience. In this article, you will read about the things that differentiate between an ordinary and extraordinary sales page for selling an online course.

Essential Steps for Building Online Course Sales Page

Like most creators, you will assign the task of designing the sales page to a web developer or designer. However, the developer will not understand the nuances of your online course as much as you do. Here are some essential steps that you must take to build a compelling online course sales page:
Step 1: Defining the course
The first step is to define the course to present it neatly before your audience. For that, you need to come up with a brilliant idea. It can be a way to connect with the audience or to develop an interest in the course. You may think of multiple ideas and then shortlist them according to your requirements. The following questions can help you sort the ideas smoothly:
  • What is the course all about?
  • Who will be the beneficiaries of your course?
  • How does your course solve a problem?
  • How to make money by selling services?
  • When to launch the course?
These questions will give you an idea about the things to be presented on the sales page. You will eventually figure out what to present by brainstorming new and creative ideas on the sales page! Find sales page templates here. (reference – influencermarketinghub)
Step 2: Determine the course sales page type
Once you get the right idea to promote your online course, the next step would be to determine the type of sales page you want to dish out to your audience. The first type of course sales page consists of only text and images. If you prefer a landing or sales page for your course, try to integrate attractive pictures and short sentences. Writing long and boring paragraphs will hinder the conversion rate. Instead, you can focus on writing the course details shortly and crisply so that you can register with the audience and stay in their mind.
For instance, an online trading course headline can be – ‘Online Trading Lessons for Beginners. However, you can write something like: ‘Learn Trading In a Week’ or ‘Learn Smart Trading Tips from Experts. These headlines are catchy and generate interest and curiosity among the audience. The other details of the course can also be scripted similarly.
The second type of course sales page contains a video and some text. Adding a video works, as most of the audience prefers to watch videos instead of reading text. You may also include a sales video explaining your course’s content in detail.
Step 3: Sales Page Body
The body of the sales page should contain an opening line after the headline. The opening line must ideally address the problem areas of the target audience. You may then introduce a solution and include some features or benefits of the solution in a bulleted list after the opening line.
Introduce your course and explain how it is the perfect solution to their problems. Now, you may add some attractive offers or discounts to entice the readers further. The concluding sections must include testimonials, FAQs, and pricing information. Read more on the Instagram business page.
Testimonials work as social proof and enhance the credibility of your course sales page. You can also provide something to the audience when you seek their email address, phone number, and other details.
For example, you can send a newsletter or an information booklet to the people who have submitted their email IDs through your sales page.
Step 4: Include a CTA
A CTA (Call To Action) statement must be added to the sales page intended to sell the course or gather details such as a mobile number and email ID. The CTA must be carefully scripted to persuade the audience to take the necessary action. You may want to give the audience some reading materials to give them a deeper insight into your course.
Provide multiple options to the audience to accommodate their varied reading preferences. Some people might be interested in reading an e-book, while others might be interested in case studies or webinars. You may include a few CTAs on the sales page to gain the audience’s attention for different purposes.
These were the essential steps in building a sales page for an online course. You can experiment with different layouts, headlines, and CTAs to analyze the combination that works the most for your course. Including informative videos and high-quality images might also improve the conversion rate. You may also design unique sales pages for the audience who reach the sales page through different channels.
For instance, create a landing page for sales for those who search your website. Greet the people who visit your website through social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube with a video. Finally, your online course sales page must be presentable and precise about the course content and offerings. Check out the sample sales page from different blogs and websites to get more ideas and insights.
Stay tuned to learn how to create an online course.
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