How to Boost your Referral Program

Referral programs are one of the most effective ways for course creators to attract more audiences as learners for their online courses. As the concept of ‘word of mouth’ is popular in other aspects, in online courses too your students or learners referring your online courses to other interested persons is a great way to boost your audience number. Therefore, referral programs are necessary for online courses, it encourages students or learners to spread the word.

Courses need referral programs that can track their brand engagement or performance and mostly impact the number of learners that increases. Also, as considered, ‘word of mouth’ is the most organic or trusted form of advertising for your product or service. Adding to it, these referral programs help with lead generation, as people are rewarded when they find leads or connections for your online course. A referral program for your online courses is a win-win situation, where you get to build your audience, and the referrals get rewarded for referring your online courses.

You as a course creator have to continuously encourage people to share about your online courses and their benefits with their peers and family.

Let’s look at some points on the referral program for your online courses –

1. Course audience will get vast

Your online courses website will reach far and wide and bring in your audience from all around. You might see the audience enrolling for your online courses website from places that were never under your target.

2. The improved rate of interest

Although you will be spending and making purchases for the referral rewards and bonuses for your referrers, the number of sales you’ll get from the referred audience will be huge. It’ll benefit you in popularizing your online courses among a variety of audiences who might be interested in enrolling in your online courses website.

3. Give sufficient benefits

As a course creator who wants to spread the word about your online courses website, you must make sure that you reward them in the way they would appreciate. Give them benefits that they would use and not some random coupons that they wouldn’t use any day. Give them vouchers, coupons, or tickets to events or places they’d like to go or do. They must have this appreciation towards you, adding to the hope that they might also enroll in your future online courses.

 4. Create a memory!

Any marketing strategy isn’t for some time or a one-time job, it is something you have to be consistent with. You have to continuously engage with it to receive a greater result from it. Make sure to create a memorable experience for your learners so that when they are referring your online course’s website to someone else, the first thing that comes to their mind is the experience and the benefits they acquired from your course.

5. Make the perfect ‘refer and earn’ policy‍

Make the perfect ‘refer and earn” policy for your online course, and make it based on what your learner type would like, and what they would be attracted to. Decide your offer. Be it any referral program, there is no getting without giving. Think about what are the learners looking for? What are the skills that they want to acquire? And if your course helps them to acquire those skills or not.

6. Social Sharing System

In the age of digital life, you need to make sure your ‘refer and earn’ system is shareable. Only word of mouth isn’t going to work in the digital age. You need to keep in mind that your online course website should be well presented on various social media platforms. You could also contact influencers, who could advertise your online courses in return for you giving them some reward.

There are different types of online referral programs having rewards or discounts and cashback and gift cards, coupons, tickets, limited up-gradation, or discounts on your online courses themselves.
Hope reading this blog helps you to build the ideal referral program for your course. We wish you all the best.

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