How to be Confident on Camera While an Creating Online Course

As an online course creator, what was the first step that you took to begin your journey? I am sure that ‘thorough research’ would be your answer. The best tips that any successful course creator would have given you must be ‘create good quality videos if you want to make your online course successful’. This is very very true, videos are the most essential part of an online course, and it can be called the ‘life of the course’. A majority of the successful courses created till date have engaging videos as a part of them. Here are a few reasons why creating credible videos for your online course is important to make it successful- 

  • To gain more visibility, credibility, and trust
  • To make the learners feel connected
  • To provide a Unique Perspective
  • To make the learning process easy

So, finally you begin the process of recording videos for your online course, you set up the camera, fix the lighting, you know exactly what to say, but you end up turning off the camera? 


You get nervous, you fear that you’ll fumble, or you think you don’t look presentable? 

Relax, you are not the only one, it’s completely normal. Looking confident on camera isn’t a easy job. However, as ‘John Wooden’ quotes: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

When it comes to shooting videos for your online course, being confident in front of the camera is the key. But what all does it actually take to be confident in front of a camera? Or how to be confident on camera? Or how to speak confidently on camera? 

If you have the same questions in mind, worry not, we have got you covered. This article will cover all the important tips and tricks that you will ever need to be confident infront of the camera. 

How to be Confident on Camera?

The answer to this question: how to be confident on camera or how to speak confidently on camera is simple, its not a rocket science. Here are 5 tips that will answer all your questions about being confident on camera-

#Tip No.1- Be Comfortable In and Out

Being comfortable is the most important factor that will help you in creating game changing videos for your online course. When we talk about being comfortable, it includes various factors. Let us discuss them in detail- 

Dress Smartly- It may not sound very important to you, but it is more important than you think. It’s said that you feel what you wear. Make sure that you wear presentable yet comfortable clothes while shooting the videos for your online course. Keeping a check of your clothes every now and then will unnecessarily create problems for you. In short, make sure that you dress smartly and feel confident in whatever you decide to wear. 

Choose a Comfortable Environment- Before you begin the actual  process of shooting videos for your online course, make sure that you choose a comfortable surrounding. Make sure that you are comfortable and familiar with the area in which you decide to shoot the videos. For instance- do not decide to shoot in the balcony just because the lighting is good, the stares from your neighbors might make you feel uncomfortable. Hence, make sure that you choose the right background in a comfortable are. 

For course selling, these are the two main factors that are sure to affect the quality of your video, therefore, make sure that you keep a check of your comfort level before you actually begin shooting. 

#Tip No.2- Keep the Script Handy

There may be times when you might fumble while shooting a video for your online course. Here is when your handy script will save you from loosing confidence and help you in staying confident on camera. Your mind may not remember everything, and it does not have do. As they say “work smarter”. This tip answers your question, ‘how to speak confidently on camera’. Being confident on camera needs a fluent speech, and your script can be your savior here. 

#Tip No.3- Keep the Body Language Right

Your body language is will be biggest supporter while you try to be confident on camera. The simplest answer to your question, ‘how to be confident on camera’ is that maintain a confident body language. When we talk about body language, make sure to keep these four things in mind- 

  • Maintain a confident tone throughout, even if your fumble, try to cover it confidently. 
  • Make sure to carry positive facial expressions. Smiling is the best way to win good ratings from your customers. 
  • Make use of your hands, they reflect your willingness to engage with your customers.
  • Maintain a confident posture through out, do not turn up lazy in front of the camera. 

#Tip No.4- Shoot in Cuts

There is no rule book about shooting videos that states that the course creators should shoot the video in one go. Make sure that you take breaks between shooting whenever needed. Shoot in small slots, this will not only help you in remembering your lines, but will also help you in maintaining the same energy throughout the video. 

#Tip No.5- Practice Practice Practice

There’s an old saying that says, ‘practice makes a man perfect’, it remains true even today. Practicing your lines, going through your script again and again is the best way to stay confident on camera. There are many ways of practicing your lines-

  • Use a teleprompter
  • Make your mirror your best friend
  • Shoot demo videos in your mobile phone 

These are a few very simple yet effective ways of practicing for your actual videos. 

#Bonus Tip

 It’s ok to be imperfect- Last but the most important tip, remember, that it’s ok to make mistakes. Your learners want your knowledge, they enroll to your online course to learn new things. Mistakes like small fumbles won’t even matter to your customers if you provide them the right knowledge and skills they seek. 

These were a few tips that will surely help you in staying confident on camera and creating good quality videos for your online course. In a nutshell, the answer to your questions, ‘ how to be confident on camera and how to speak confidently on camera’ is to practice the content well, and believe in yourself. 

Thank you for reading!

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