Guru Purnima: A Day to Pay Respect to Your Gurus

Guru Purnima: A Day to Pay Respect to Your Gurus

Worshiping the feet of the Guru is the ultimate of all worships.

Guru Purnima is an auspicious occasion for teachers all across the world. On this day, everyone pays respects to their mentors, teachers, and everyone who leads them on a path of learning. Guru Purnima 2022 will be celebrated on 13 July.

Why is Guru Purnima important?

As the name suggests, this festival is celebrated to honor the teachings and learnings made by our mentors/gurus/teachers. In every stage of life, someone is always present to guide and impart knowledge. In the childhood stage, parents teach their children how to walk, talk, and do every other activity one can think of. In school and college, teachers and professors guide their students to succeed in life. This is why Guru Purnima is celebrated to show gratitude to these mentors.

Guru Purnima: A brief history

There are various legends associated with Guru Purnima. According to one Hindu legend, on this day, Lord Shiva became the first guru.

As the story goes, around 15,000 years ago, a yogi or a hermit came to the Himalayas. He possessed extraordinary abilities and powers. Many people visited and paid respect to him. One day, when he opened his eyes, seven men asked him to share the thoughts that he was experiencing. But the hermit ignored this demand and closed his eyes again. He opened his eyes again after 84 long years and found the same seven disciples still present. Hermit understood their dedication towards wisdom on a full moon day and became their guru. After imparting knowledge to those seven disciples, they became the Sapta Rishis. These rishis traveled across the world to share their learnings.

Another interesting story is about Mahavira, one of the famous Tirthankaras in Jainism. This was the day when Mahavira got his first disciple, and he officially became a guru. After he became a guru, all the other gurus followed after him.

It is also believed that Lord Buddha gave his first sermon, 5 weeks after he achieved Nirvana under the famous Bodhi tree. It was a full moon day. And ever since that sermon, his followers have been devoted to him.

How is Guru Purnima celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated with firecrackers, Holi with colors, and Id with loads of food on the table. However, celebrating Gurupurnima has a mindfulness and peaceful approach. Gurupurnima is more about imparting teachings and honoring the gurus.

The day starts with doing pooja at home or at a temple. It depends on how one chooses to celebrate. The method doesn’t matter here, paying tribute to the teachers is vital. Schools and colleges may decide to celebrate it by chanting prayers and giving lectures on the importance of Guru Purnima. There are a lot of ways to celebrate Gurupurnima one can select from.

Significance of Guru Purnima

As Guru Purnima is an auspicious festival, it holds a lot of significance across the world, especially in India. One can express gratitude to their teachers. Many Indian classical dances and music follow “Guru Shishya Parampara”.

What is Guru-Shishya Parampara?

It is the legacy of the teacher and disciple in Indian culture and religion. In Sanskrit, the words shishya and parampara both imply “an uninterrupted succession” or “student of a guru.” It is the custom of transmitting a message orally through a line of yogis to followers.

It is frequently praised as being irreplaceable to have a personal guru. Despite the ease with which spiritual knowledge can be obtained through books, a genuine spiritual teacher is regarded as the live embodiment of that learning. An acharya, or one who leads by example, is a true guru.

Guru, a paradoxical name meaning “remover of darkness,” is derived from the Sanskrit words “gu” (darkness) and “ru” (illumination). According to philosophy, ignorance is the “darkness,” which can be banished by a guru that carries the light of enlightenment and wisdom. The route to selflessness and long-lasting enjoyment is illuminated by this awareness, which frees one from material suffering. According to the Vedas, we should always consider the guru, or spiritual master, to be our debtor for the kindness they show by shining this light.


We have looked at what Guru Purnima is, why it is important, how it is celebrated, and some mythological legends associated with Guru Purnima. Where teachers are considered supreme, celebrating this day definitely shows how it is one of the noble professions and deserves gratitude from everyone.

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