Grow Without Limits with Teachmore

Teachmore is an online platform to create and sell your courses online with your fully-featured mobile application and website. Courses of various genres, ranging from creative to business to technology and even lifestyle, could be created. Under the creative field, one could build courses online on subjects ranging from Animation, Drawing, Graphic Designing, Photography, Adobe software, Digital Painting, Sketching, Story-telling, UI/UX Design etcetera. Under the business category, one could take up and create classes on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Content Management, SEO, Social Media, and furthermore. Under the Technology genre, one could build courses on Data Science, Javascript, Blockchain, Web/App development among others. In addition, under the lifestyle domain, one could create and sell classes for everyday activities such as cooking and baking, crafts, health and wellness, knitting, makeup, languages, and so on.

Grow without limits with a platform like Teachmore. You can help people upskill in an endless variety of courses created by you, from you. Get a chance to educate people who are willing to learn and gain knowledge about specific fields or domains related to daily life activities like living an intentional minimalist lifestyle to a sorted maximalist lifestyle. With Teachmore, you get the opportunity to create your e-learning application in just 3 simple steps – Customize the look of your app or web, Upload the content you want to put, Launch your e-learning mobile app. You could also do a FREE 15-day trial before you completely launch an app of your own. Use simple tools and technology to create and sell your courses online through the Teachmore platform. With the most feasible features, you could create courses online from any of the above genres or even others.

With Teachmore, different people can benefit in different ways, like homemakers can create cooking classes, which will benefit them as an income and experience, and other people as they’d get a chance to learn something they’ve been keeping on their ‘to learn’ list. The Teachmore service helps tutors to produce and create content for courses that students and non-students can use to upskill themselves. These courses online could be of light subject matter where people could learn by giving a few hours a day to acquire those skills or knowledge. These courses could also be full-time learning experiences, such as UI and UX Design, Javascript, or Abode. These courses have the feasibility of accessing them anytime and anywhere. And students would get the chance to acquire these skills after their daily academic routine.

For someone willing to learn or upskill themselves, they’d also be able to acquire these skills or attend the classes at their convenience. The platform would give a chance for feedback and collaboration with a vibrant community. At Teachmore, classes are authentic, actionable, and designed for learners to gain mastery in the field they have been striving for. Focusing on the fact that, on today’s date, society looks into more expertise in extracurricular than earlier, it is a goal for many to ace at different domains at once. Plus, with the pace of globalization, the need to learn languages is also on the radar, and through Teachmore, people could learn these languages from tutors and creators from different backgrounds.

A platform like Teachmore gives artists and creators a chance to spread their expertise among other people while earning. During these pandemic times, it is a more digestible format to teach and learn online as it is more focused and engaged learning. Here at Teachmore, creators will get a robust platform to put out their content and help someone who wants to brush up or upskill their learning too. Through Teachmore, creators are enabled to sell courses through their own apps and websites with stable functionalities. It would also help to build a community of like-minded people. In a nutshell, Teachmore is designed to improve individual talents and provide self-paced learning for learners.

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