From Vadodara to the World: Bhavin Shah’s Transformational Journey

In today’s story of success and favorable outcomes, we will talk about Bhavin Shah and his journey. Many of you must be familiar with his name and work. He is a renowned corporate trainer and motivational speaker from India. His pre-pandemic days looked super occupied as he used to take multiple seminars a day. Staying engaged with back-to-back talks and seminars, he never got time to explore the potential of online course selling. Like most people, he was not aware of online courses and webinars.

However, things completely changed when the pandemic brought everything to a standstill. Spending days without conducting seminars and talks was disheartening for him as communicating with people and sharing knowledge was the biggest factor of happiness in his day. Motivating people without being close to them felt unreal. The star speaker started to wander for solutions. Watching successful course creators and their journey upwards, he got inspired and decided to join the online course creation space.

However, the journey wasn’t that smooth in the beginning. Creating a course that would do justice to his vision and mission required multiple things. Therefore, Bhavin Shah decided to reach out to a good online course creation platform in order to make the journey smooth and effective. After analyzing various platforms, he came across Teachmore. Since this was a big step for him, he explored the platform well. He booked a demo with the Teachmore team. From ticking off all the features he had on his list to observing the benefits & scope of the additional features, he left no stone unturned in testing the platform. Moreover, he was super impressed with the features of the platform and decided to kickstart his journey.

The next step was to create a course that would help him share his knowledge with the aspiring students. He power-packed all his knowledge of corporate training in a course using Teachmore. He made sure that his course was engaging, easy to understand, and included every small detail required. Once he was sure that his course was ready to sell, he started promoting his new way of interacting with people and motivating them. In addition to this, he also created plenty of value-adding content on social media that helped him drive traffic to his website and build a huge network.

Two months into the journey, he started generating a seven-digit revenue. His reach was no more limited to India, but he was also capturing and impacting the global market. With the support of his students from all over the world, he tops the list of online course creators from his field.

Hardworking, there is no better word to describe Bhavin Shah and his journey. It’s rightly said, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’. Mr. Bhavin Shah brings this saying to life. All it required was taking the first step and believing in himself.
Success stories like this continue to inspire us to do more at Teachmore. We truly believe in ‘once you put your heart & soul into it, the results will follow’. We wish Bhavin Sir all the best for his future. Thank you for choosing us.


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