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Today, we have Mr. Chandrashekhar Thirmdas, MD of NDT Worldwide, an online academy for Non-destructive testing certification and its wide-ranging uses. It’s a very interesting niche and that’s what helped NDT worldwide get students from more than 26 countries in just a month after its launch. Chandra is a simple man who believes that not everybody is born an expert. He stated – “If you have passion in your field, then definitely go for it – you can give it a try to take it to the next level.”

It all started in Guntur – Andhra Pradesh. It started from a small town and now has spread to countries all over the world. Let us get into the story about finding your niche, and sharing it with the world from wherever you are.

This NDT Worldwide app has a rating of 5 stars on the app store

Chandrashekhar is an encouraging man. If there are technical difficulties or other hurdles, he is always calm and composed about it. Coming from a small village, he completed his schooling there and moved on to Varanasi to pursue his MSc at Banaras Hindu University. It was for the first time he ever traveled to another state. Later he did his masters in NDT as the company name goes.

This is what the NDT Worldwide website looks like 

Here is a brief description of what the NDT platform is – 

NDT or Non-destructive testing is a process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials or components or any structure for any discontinuities or defects in materials. We inspect the component and we give an assurance that the product can be still used. The NDT platform offers targeted training designed to your professional certification’s needs. 

Let us know more about him 

Q – Why did you choose NDT for your master’s degree and where did that interest come from? 

Ans – “After my master’s degree, when I was looking for MTech courses, I randomly inquired about NDT. They said it is an industrial course that is specialized in the field. It is a two-year degree course. They also added, that this is a very unique course, where you can further apply it in various sectors of the industry, namely – aerospace, automotive, private sector, oil, and gas, and offshore. There are many sectors where you can use this course. Then I learned some basics of it and had given a try in the counseling session. Luckily, I got in. One of my previous classmates who got the seat earlier motivated me to go through the procedure. I joined and in a span of two-three years, we realized that this course is going to help us work in various fields further in our careers.”

The website also provides exam preparatory courses too 

Q – How many countries is NDT Worldwide active in?

Ans – “We have app installations from around 60 countries. We had students from 40+ countries, in the last two-three years. We have given training to 50+ countries. One reason why we get so many students from different countries is that there are many Indians who are working in different countries like Iran, and Iraq. They learn our courses from overseas.”

Q – What did the early days look like? 

Ans –  “Coming to my early days, I used to teach my classmates and juniors, just sitting somewhere, sometimes on the balcony, even in tea shops, and coffee shops. We used to prepare for all the inspection-related examinations.

You could see during the covid pandemic time in airports, they used thermal imaging cameras that are used to record body temperatures – that is one of the NDT techniques where without touching the individual, monitor the temperature and further give out results. They could be further instructed to take precautions or go for tests, etc. Another example of our product is ultrasound scanning. We also inspect pipelines and tanks with ultrasound technology.”

Just like doctors check their patient’s heartbeat, we listen to the crack propagation of the materials like tanks or pressure vessels, we just attach some sensors, then we collect the data and use our sophisticated equipment software to analyze and we give the  reports to our clients.”

The price of each course is mentioned on the webpage

Q – How did Teachmore provide them with a solution?

Ans – “Whenever we face any issue with anything, we inform Teachmore immediately and they respond quickly and give the necessary steps or actions. They tell us what needs to be done for a quick result. We have an excellent rapport with the team. They have a separate team of app developers that helps us with the app. They are very quick with resolutions. Teachmore guides and support their customers in a way that lets them carry on the momentum of their business.”

Q – How do you keep your students engaged?

Ans – “Our students listen to our recorded classes and revert to the WhatsApp group for any doubts. Initially, we had specific timings to clarify their doubts but since we have students from different time zones so now we clarify their doubts then and there. We keep encouraging our students by constantly checking on their progress. Also, we have special classes for students. Suppose, if someone has their exam tomorrow, we dedicate an hour to that student with our subject matter experts who assist them with revising and quick last-minute discussions.”

The app is compatible with iPhones and iPads

Q – How did you decide on the pricing for your site? 

Ans – “Our charges are higher as compared to our competitors in the field as we focus more on customer-centric content. People ask why we charge so high, and we say – We take you from the beginning and guide you through the process of becoming a certified professional. In fact, our team is also there if they need any help in the future. There are students from 60+ countries. When they register we send them recorded videos from previous classes. They attend the class, practice papers, and take the exams. We help and guide them throughout the process overseas in an online mode, which is why we put our pricing on a high rate.”

Q – What is your favorite feature on Teachmore?

Ans – “Teachmore is a worthy platform for course creators. The branding it creates for the app is tremendous. The customer support team from Teachmore is always ready to help. Adding to these, the notification feature is also one of the most helpful features, the back-end support, and the payment gateways add to the list.”

Advice for course creators – 

“Use the latest technology, give it a try, and take some risk for subscription fees. Sometimes it may result in a success or otherwise, you’ll get some experience. Take your obstacles as opportunities.”

To quote Mahatma Gandhi –

The customer is the most important visitor to our premises. He is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him. He is not an interruption to our work yet he is the purpose of it. We are doing a favor by serving him, he is doing a favor by giving us an opportunity to serve him.

Just as the Teachmore saying goes – Be More with Teachmore. We focus on customer-centric service.

Here is the video –

BEMORE#2 From Guntur to Students in 20+ Cities Worldwide in a Month!

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