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Footer Design For Online Course Website—A Guide

Do you know that your website would look professional with a good footer design? Footer is g the safety net for your users as it helps them find the information on the site which they otherwise cannot. Whether creating a website or redesigning the existing one, the footer section also needs attention. The best website footer design is the one that you could use as a positive note to help your website.
A website footer is present at the bottom of the web page. It includes a sitemap, copyright notice, privacy policy link, logo, email sign-up form, contact information, and social media links. It is a part of the website that enhances its overall usability. Let us look at the elements that could make your website footer stand out from the crowd.
  • Simple design
Keeping your footer design simple is the key to creating the best website footer design. A simple design is essential when a lot of information is added to the website. Try to think about the features that could be a part of the footer. Always remember to leave plenty of space, organize and stick to clean elements when designing the footer. The number of pages and the quantity of information are directly related to the footer size. Ensure that every link is easy to click and subtle detail within reach of the reader.
  • Privacy policy link
You can place a link to the privacy policy in the footer content. The privacy policy link is mandatory if you take personal information from the users, like payment information or email addresses. The privacy policy should be legally compliant and give straightforward access to the website.
  • Copyright notice
The copyright notice is an important element in creating the website footer design. The copyright states that you own the work, and the copyright covers it. In addition, it ensures that no one can copy any image or text from your website.
  • Logo
Footers are incomplete without a display of the brand identity. You must present the logo differently than it is in the header. For instance, you could have an image for the logo at the footer or change the font size of the logo. It reminds the visitors about what your company stands for and provides a memorable final impression. Read this blog to know more about online logo makers.
  • Sitemap
The best website footer design is incomplete without a perfect sitemap. You can insert the sitemap in the footer by either providing a single link to the XML sitemap or links to the various sections of your website. For example, a search engine bot is considered to provide a single connection to XML. This file is used to crawl websites and content-rich sites. On the other hand, the sitemap footer method could be used, where you insert multiple links to the section of your website.
  • Social media icons
A footer design is incomplete without social media icons. It helps you in generating potential leads and is considered the best practice. Your followers on those platforms also increase when you insert social media icons.
  • Contact information
Contact details at the bottom of the footer design page help generate leads. These can include phone numbers, email addresses, and office addresses. People who scroll on the website connect with you via contact information.
  • Call-to-action
Once users are guided to the footer, please provide them with information to reach you and maintain contact with you. Typical ways of the best website footer design include a subscription to the company emails or e-newsletters or following you on social media channels. The call-to-action is a straightforward way for users to interact with the company and should always fit the design.
  • Email sign-up form
Any visitor who connects to the website content and has scrolled down the complete website is essential for you. So, many websites put an email sign-up form at the bottom to further engage the users. It helps you directly get in touch with the customers.
Common problems with the footer design
The significance of the footer design varies from website to website. However, the following are a few issues to be avoided to ensure the best website footer design:
  • Multiple hierarchies: Important information must be included in the footer. Yet, when deciding on the footer design, you should know which information serves better at the top of the web page. You can’t insert everything in the footer.
  • Unclear names of links: Sometimes, the resource link in the footer and its name do not match, making it challenging for the users. A usability test before finalizing the link names can ensure proper names for the links.
  • Orphan links: Avoid placing links that have no connection to the website. To avoid confusion, it is better to put visual design patterns instead of links in footers.
The best website footer design ensures that users don’t get lost when they reach the bottom of the page. It presents the objective of your website and gives access to all the essential information. Any pertinent detail that cannot add to the header can go to the footer. A perfect sync between the two elements makes for a pleasant and effective website visit.
A good footer reflects the brand’s unique identity and focuses on the audience. If you are looking at creating an online course, Teachmore is the best platform. The one-stop solution helps you create and sell the best online courses. Try it now!
A good footer reflects the brand’s unique identity and focuses on the audience. If you are looking at creating an online course, Teachmore is the best platform. It is the one-stop solution that helps you in creating and online course selling. Try it now!
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