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Digital Downloads For Courses: A Complete Guide

Since we live in the internet age, downloading music, files, or papers happens regularly. We are immersed with information and content from all sides today. Regardless of the motivations behind it, we consume a lot of stuff every day, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Haven’t you pressed the download button to install software or a PDF file on your laptop? We have all done that undoubtedly 100 times. Even a 6-year-old understands how to get their online exam paper after the lockdown of 2020. A digital download is exactly that!

In other words, a digital download is when you just click on a link to have a file, document, or piece of software downloaded into your computer. It is a method of gathering data electronically.

Many producers, YouTubers, freelancers, and course creators produce and sell digital downloads to supplement their regular income.

The best thing about selling digital downloads is that, once you make one, there are no more costs associated with its creation, distribution, or shipment. Once your customer has paid the fees associated with purchasing it, they may quickly download it to any compatible computer, smartphone, or other devices. They may download and access it at any time, wherever they are. Isn’t it incredible? You can also use platforms like to sell yours.

What you can sell as digital downloads?


The most frequent and well-liked kind of digital download is an ebook. Selling eBooks is a simple procedure from development to distribution.

You should focus on producing several eBooks as a creator. You may offer them to your students as learning resources in addition to your paid courses, or you can sell them independently.

In addition, eBooks are frequently employed for lead creation. Free eBooks are pushed through sponsored advertisements, placed on websites and blogs, and used to gather new leads. One of the simplest methods to convert website visitors into potential customers is through this. Through email marketing, you may turn them into devoted customers, lifetime followers, and newsletter subscribers.


One of the most popular digital download formats nowadays is a podcast. It takes a lot of effort to produce a high-quality and value-generating podcast, unlike PDFs and eBooks.

A podcast takes specialized technology, excellent communication, and public speaking abilities, so it’s not like everyone can record one. Additionally, if you want to invite additional guests to your podcast, you need to be well connected to subject-matter experts and business executives.

However, if you possess the craft of storytelling in addition to strong communication abilities, you can also start with a monologue podcast.

Podcasts are quite popular, especially when people are traveling. If your podcasts are good enough, people will gladly pay a respectable sum. Therefore, we advise you to create compelling podcasts that can improve the quality of life of your listeners.


You can make a lot of money with templates. You may make a template for any ability that is in demand, regardless of whether you are brilliant at developing websites, creating resumes, or composing emails.

Many people struggle to write material for their emails or resumes. They look online for good templates everywhere.

As a result, you may assist them by selling your cheat sheets and templates if you are skilled at composing emails or designing resumes.

Demo Videos

Many creators hold one-time webinars on a certain subject and record them. They later make use of the webinar recording and provide it to their audience. These webinars should ideally incorporate instructional videos or suggestions for the learners.

How can creators monetize their recorded webinars?

They mostly sell it on the websites for their courses. However, some producers also post the recordings of their webinars on Google Drive and promote them on social media. If someone wishes to buy it, they give their payment information, and once the money has been made, they email the person the link to the webinar.

People are more inclined to buy movies since they are more engaged. They are also a particularly potent type of digital download.


Businesses need high-quality images for their blogs, landing pages, templates, websites, and other uses.

Attractive and compelling images can persuade viewers to click on the website and associated links. As a result, they don’t consider spending money on high-quality pictures. Therefore, if you have excellent photography talents, you may earn money by making your photos available for download.

We hope that you have gained some insights regarding digital downloads.

Stay tuned with Teachmore to learn more about course selling.

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