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Creating a Podcast in 9 Simple Steps

Nowadays, when videos, reels, and visuals are ruling the digital ecosystem, creating a podcast has created a unique space for itself. According to statistics, there are around 300 million people who listen to podcasts across the globe. This is because the nature of podcasts is dynamic and flexible.
But, how to make a podcast so that it attracts maximum listeners? This blog gives you a step-by-step guide to creating an ace podcast.

Step 1 – Finalize your podcast niche and title

Some brands and marketers would agree that no matter how good a brand is, if it cannot produce a simple yet effective tagline, it will probably be unable to drive sales. The same is true with a podcast title and its niche. Remember to search. Look at what titles other people used for a similar subject. Think differently, and do not copy others, as creating your audience and space in the podcast world will become difficult. Therefore, look for relatable, simple, and effective titles.

Step 2 – Decide the podcast format

Once you have finalized the title, think of questions such as –
  • Who is my target audience?
  • How long will the podcast be?
  • How many hosts do I need?
  • Should I be the host and deliver the content?
  • Should it be an audio or a video podcast?
  • What time of the day should I begin the podcast?
When you can find the answers to these questions, only then will you be able to make your podcast reachable to your target audience. Remember that in the 21st century, content is undoubtedly the king, but if nobody is listening to you, what is the use?

Step 3 – Right types of equipment for the podcast

If you want to create a podcast that has maximum impact and the return on investment is phenomenal, you first need to invest in the right equipment. Here is a list of equipment that you should look for before recording the podcast:
  • A good quality mic
  • A quiet and calm place/environment to record your podcast
  • A software that can help you edit the podcast once the recording is done
  • Reliable podcast hosting services
However, according to research, more than 70% of podcasters rely on headphones to record their podcasts.

Step 4 – Give an introduction to your podcast

Provide a brief about your podcast details – the topic, your target audience. and why should one listen to it? This is the easiest way to make a podcast because, in just a minute, the listener understands if this podcast is for him or not. In addition, remember to have a call to action at the end of the podcast. For instance, providing contact details, link to the website landing page, etc.

Step 5 – Make your podcast a magnet of content

Whether you are planning for an audio or a video podcast, remember that it should be engaging and have the power to attract listeners. According to research, the podcast industry is currently around $2 billion, and by 2024, it will grow to about $4 billion.
Therefore, to make the maximum return from a podcast, use content listeners would like to listen to. According to research, around 20% of people listen to podcasts while driving a car. So, make your content simple and informative to ensure listeners do not tune in to another radio station. Also, remember the science behind communication – the speed of delivery and conciseness.

Step 6- Make the cover of the podcast electrifying

For creating a podcast that increases your subscribers, then remember to create a cover for your podcast that is exhilarating enough. Before the audience listens to your content, they see the cover; the vibe of it should be such that the listener wants to click on it and cannot resist listening to it. In addition, while designing your cover, keep this study in mind; men prefer to listen to podcasts more than women.

Step 7 – Execute the launch after the right planning

Launching a podcast is not an easy job, even if the topic and content are apt. Many books written by prominent writers explain how to deliver or launch a podcast. Choose your launching platforms carefully and if you want to choose your website for the same, ensure it yields the results you want.

Step 8 – Generating reviews, followers, and subscribers

Once you have recorded and edited your podcast, and it is life, you would want great reviews for it so that people who come across your podcast on various platforms, reach the review and download it. Well, charity begins at home. Ask your friends, family, and near ones to listen to it and post an honest review for the same.
Once your target audience finds some reviews on the podcast that tickle their curiosity, they would happily listen to it (at least once) and provide an organic review. And this is how you can enhance the list of your followers and subscribers.

Step 9 – Plan your marketing after the podcast launch

If you think the marketing ideologies of a podcast are similar to marketing a product, blog, or whatsoever, then you are highly mistaken. The science behind marketing podcasts is different from other marketing strategies. Therefore, your job does not end once the podcast is launched. In fact, here is where your job begins. The more research you do regarding this topic will deliver more insights on how to make your podcast marketable.
According to research, Swedish people listen to podcasts the most in the world. However, the podcast audience in countries such as Chile, China, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico is growing. And soon, every country will be launching podcasts of different types on various platforms. So, if you are planning to start a podcast, this is the right time to do so!
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