Course/Collection Validity on Teachmore

Types of Validity you can set for courses and collections, and how to go about it

On Teachmore you can decide how long you want your users to access a course or a collection.

You can set validity for a course or collection from the ‘Details’ tab of the course editor. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the option to set Validity.

Clicking on “Set Validity” will show you 3 options – Lifetime access, Duration and Expiry Date.

Please note: When you create a new course or collection, its validity is set as Lifetime Access by default.

Under Duration you can add validity length (in hours, days, months or years) and select how the validity should be applied for new enrollments.

Expiry Date allows you to set an exact date on which the enrollment will expire for every students irrespective of the date on which they enroll.

Validity is also displayed on the right side of the course/collection show page and checkout page.

When the validity of the course/collection is less than 7 days, a yellow banner will be shown on the website

When the validity expires a red banner will be shown on the course sales page

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