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Choose Hashtags for YouTube Channel and Videos

Hashtag for YouTube is words or phrases put in the titles and descriptions of videos to indicate the subject or classification of the video. Hashtags, according to YouTube, can increase a video’s online visibility on the site.

Like other social media networks, YouTube uses hashtags (for example, Twitter and Facebook). A hashtag connects you to postings with the same hashtag when you click on it.

These are shown in two places:

  1. Above Video’s Title
  2. Inside Description Box

Can Hashtag For YouTube Increase Views?

The YouTube Creator Academy claims that hashtags can boost your SEO. Hashtags may increase your view count in three different ways. First off, using the same hashtag in other videos may direct viewers to your own. Consider the scenario when you recently posted a marketing-related video. And you tagged the video with #marketing.

There’s a probability that viewers may click on your video directly from other videos that use the hashtag #marketing. In particular, if you are ranked for that hashtag. And people do use hashtags as keywords while searching on YouTube. You may thus rank for such hashtag searches when you optimize your video for that hashtag.

Finally, hashtags help YouTube understand your video content more effectively, just like regular YouTube tags do. Examples of hashtags that can help YouTube understand that your video is about health and fitness include “#diet,” “#paleo,” and “#keto.”

Best Hashtag for YouTube Views

Your company’s brand, well-liked themes that are relevant to your video content, and places make the most excellent hashtags for YouTube. When a video is uploaded from a mobile device, locations are specified in the settings. All other hashtags used in the YouTube description text are superseded by location hashtags. Additionally, they are shown above the title of the video.

Examining the popular hashtag for YouTube for ideas is one of the greatest methods to find hashtags. By doing this, you may create some of your own hashtags that are similar to those that have previously proven successful for others. Additionally, you may use a few particular YouTube hashtags on Instagram. You can easily uncover the finest YouTube hashtags for Instagram by performing a fast internet search.

YouTube Hashtag Rules

You should exercise caution while using certain hashtags on YouTube since, even if you were not aware of the rule, you risk being fined or banned.

  • Over tagging: No more than 15 hashtag for YouTube should be used in a single video. YouTube will disregard all the hashtags in a video if there are too many of them.
  • False Information: Never use hashtags that are deceptive or tangential to the subject of your video.
  • Harassment: Never use hashtags to target anybody or any group with threats, intimidation, denigration, or other forms of cyberbullying.
  • Hatred Speech: Never use hashtags that incite hatred or violence toward any group or person.
  • Sexual Material: Never use hashtags that are meant to be sexually explicit or suggestive, otherwise your video may be taken down.
  • Crude Language: Never use vulgar language or inappropriate phrases in your hashtags; doing so may cause your video to be given an age restriction or deleted entirely.
  • Non-Hashtags: Never use generic descriptive tags or overused phrases in the description of your video; doing so might get you fined or cause your video to be taken down.

Just a handful of the YouTube hashtag rules you should be aware of are listed above. There are more, so it’s better to go through the YouTube Community Guidelines first.

Best Practices for Hashtags for YouTube

It’s time to discuss some finer intricacies of how to strategically adopt this practice now that you are familiar with the technical how-to of adding YouTube hashtags to your videos. You shouldn’t start filling your video descriptions with hashtags in an attempt to score well in search results. It’s crucial to understand that while adding hashtags might be a wonderful strategy to improve SEO, doing so by itself won’t cause your YouTube channel to miraculously expand. Instead, adhere to these recommended practices to enhance your hashtag marketing on YouTube.

Use three to five hashtags for each video.

You are permitted to include up to 15 hashtags in your description on YouTube. The usage of more than 15 hashtags on your movie will be ignored by YouTube, which is owned by Google, rendering the addition completely useless. This point is most important for hashtag for YouTube.

Develop your own hashtags.

By including hashtag for YouTube in prominent locations on your video, YouTube does promote hashtag searches, but this can also result in more viewers clicking on the hashtags and leaving your videos.

Before adding your hashtags, do a search for them.

You don’t want to employ hashtags that link to spammy or irrelevant videos since not all hashtags produce great search results. When choosing a hashtag, always run a quick search to check what comes up to make sure the material is relevant to your own video

Simply use the search box on YouTube to locate the ideal hashtags for your film if you’re unsure of how to do it. Starting with “#” can give you an idea of what subjects are currently trending, much as when performing keyword research.


Are you eager to use hashtags in your YouTube strategy? Make sure you’re using hashtags wisely by including pertinent ones and thinking of creative ways to brand hashtags, so they direct users to more of your content. Check your YouTube metrics frequently and monitor your progress to make sure your technique is effective. Hope this helped you in understanding hashtag for YouTube.

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