‘Ask Me Anything’ as a Tool in Your Online Course

‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions are where creators or educators open the floor to any questions from their students or learners. The ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature gives the learners an open session to ask about anything without hesitation and get a reply in an elaborate answer from the educators in online courses. These sessions also cover personal questions regarding their learning styles or learning progress or other personal questions. The AMA or Ask Me Anything session helps learners and educators connect more than in everyday online courses class, they connect more on a personal level. AMA sessions create an opportunity for learners in online courses to get to know their educators. In these sessions, learners get the opportunity to communicate on specific topics or just random questions from different individuals.

Let us take an in-depth look at ‘Ask Me Anything’ as a tool in your online course –
– Because AMA sessions are not highly serious, learners have the opportunity to ask about a variety of topics, whether personal or work/course-related. During these meetings, individuals will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics that they would not normally discuss in their online classes. When it comes to selling courses online, AMA sessions can help you find new students who might be interested in enrolling in your course.

– These “Ask Me Anything” sessions might also serve as feedback sessions. Feedback is also an important aspect of the teaching and learning processes in online courses. All learners have the option to provide feedback to their educator during these sessions, and the educator has the opportunity to learn more about their teaching approaches and whether or not their students are understanding.

– Students can also ask about other personal matters or doubts that they are unable to ask in their regular lessons during a ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. Because AMA sessions are accessible to the public, they provide a delightful break from the learners’ usual focused online course classes. In the process of marketing online courses, AMA sessions transition to a Q&A session, where potential students can ask questions about the course.

– You can hold an AMA session with your online course students regarding the latest themes you covered, and they can ask you questions about the various sub-topics you covered. You may also use an AMA session to have a chatting session with all of your learners and yourself in order to strengthen your relationship with them. Another type of AMA session you may have is on feedback, both for yourself as an educator and for each learner individually, so that you can all work together on solutions for improvement.

– Ask Me Anything sessions can help you and your students form a more personal bond, which will increase their interest in your online course. When it comes to designing and selling online courses, online course producers must bear in mind that they must establish a relationship with their students.

– These Ask Me Anything sessions can also be turned into entertaining games and quizzes about getting to know one other. The more comfortable the student becomes with you, the more comfortable they become with learning from you. Student-student or learner-learner relationships may also be impacted by these sessions. Unlike traditional courses, where just the educator and a few students communicate from time to time, in these AMA sessions, all students in your online course will have the opportunity to connect with one another. You’ll also be able to tell who among your students is shy and who is comfortable speaking up.

Ask Me Anything sessions can also be used to promote other online courses. During these sessions, you will be able to discuss your other online courses, and if learners are interested, they may attend as well. As an online course creator, you should remember to incorporate sessions like these where you may communicate with your students outside of the typical lectures while selling your courses online.

Hope this blog helps you to know about holding AMA sessions for your online course. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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