A Story of Transformation: Thannal Natural Homes

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” – Billie Jean King
Founded by Biju Bhaskar, Thannal Natural Homes emphasizes and promotes sustainable and natural building techniques and has a long history of efficient operation. The Natural Building Awareness Group is based in Tamil Nadu and aims to promote natural building technology. To raise awareness, Thannal Natural Homes organizes a variety of workshops and events. There are many curious learners who want to expand their knowledge pool, develop their skills, and grow. The learning courses are experiencing great demand from the learning community, so the group also created those courses. By starting an online course, they were able to reach learners that were otherwise unattainable.

The team strongly believed in their ideas and courses, but providing learners with a great learning experience was the biggest challenge of their journey. The group created a whole new category and wanted it to run smoothly. Of course, in the sales world, they say, “attracting people to your course and selling them is one task, and keeping them happy after registration is another task.’
‘We also wanted the course buyers to be satisfied at the highest level possible. To ensure the same, they wanted to automate the whole experience’, the TNH team mentioned. Their next goal was to expand their business by selling valuable and useful courses. They knew that in order to make money from what they were selling, they needed to add value and quality to the course.  That is when the idea of joining a course creation platform came into the picture.

The TNH team tried different platforms, but none met their expectations. Some applications were overcharging for the creation of the course, and some of them provided a limited amount of course duration. In short, the other apps they tried had some or the other flaw. Looking for a good platform, they came across Teachmore. They explored the platform, understood its easy operation, and advanced features, and decided to join it immediately.

The team loves Teachmore’s excellent features and calls it “the best online course creation platform.” Here is the team’s experience in their own words-

‘While we were looking for a good online course selling platform, we wanted something that understands our needs and expectations as an online course seller. Since we educate the learners about natural building techniques, we believe in ensuring that they have something to take back at the end of the course. To ensure the same, we like our courses to be engaging and interactive. Unlike other platforms that we explored, Teachmore luckily has features like live classes, quizzes, and a lot more. The platform has provided us with a great course launching experience. The best part about the Teachmore team is that they believe in customer satisfaction and they take time-to-time feedback.  We appreciate the whole team for their effort to bring up such a facility and make it available for anyone and everyone. We, as course creators would highly recommend Teachmore to all the course creators and course sellers out there.’

We are delighted to hear about the wonderful experience the Thannal Natural Homes team had with us. We are pleased to see a tremendous increase in sales, six times the original sales, within four months of starting our journey with us. In addition to 6x revenue, the team was able to increase conversion rates by sending social messages. They are also in the process of securing the involvement of existing learners and building a large community of users. From sign-up to the final run, Thannal Group now offers users a great learning experience.

Success stories like this continue to inspire us to do more at Teachmore. We wish the whole team of ‘Thannal Natural Homes’ success in abundance. Thank you for choosing us.

Stay tuned and launch course with Teachmore.

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