Tips to increase sales

9 Tips to Increase the Sales of your Online Course

9 Tips to Increase the Sales of your Online Course

You have developed an engaging and content-driven online course, but what next? How are you going to promote and sell your course? The next step is to reach out to the right people at the right time. At this point, marketing becomes the backbone of your online course selling business in order to make more sales. 

Here are a few online marketing strategies to increase the sales of your online courses. 

  • Pay attention to customer personas

Personas are considered the secret weapon of doing good sales & marketing. It serves as a baseline for your marketing plan and provides an insight into your customers’ behaviour. 

According to Amy Wright, a content marketing consultant, a buyer persona is:

“Buyer personas describe your ideal customers, the challenges they face, and how they make their decisions on different products and services.”

Buyer personas help you target your customers, and fortunately, you can create the personas by using free online tools. 

Some information that you will require while building your buyer personas are:

  1. Age range
  2. Gender ratio
  3. Devices used to access the course
  4. Hopes/dreams for your course

You must gather information about your buyers before rolling out your course. You can launch a survey or feedback poll on social media and your website. If your course is already live, you may use the data on demographics and behaviour to learn about your customers. 

  • Leverage your storytelling skills

Share your brand story with your current and potential customers. According to a survey, 92% of customers want to listen to a brand’s story. Moreover, storytelling increases interaction and helps people remember you. Tell your audiences about your failures, real experiences, and use actual data to craft stories. 

If you successfully present yourself and your ideas before your audiences, you may encourage more sign-ups or sales. Be relatable and make your place in your audiences’ hearts through storytelling. 

  • Design infographics

Try to use more infographics while writing content. Your audience may not read your entire content, but they will look at the images. Present valuable information through infographics. You can also raise awareness about your course by leveraging infographics. 

  • Segment your newsletter

Segmenting your newsletter is the best way to reach relevant audiences and make more sales. Moreover, segmented and targeted email campaigns generate higher ROI or Return on Investment. Categorise your newsletter based on the courses your audiences have purchased from you. 

Segmented newsletters have better open rates and 4.65% lower bounce rates. Moreover, these emails are less likely to get unsubscribed. 


  • Launch a podcast

Your target customers may not get the time to connect to you. So you have to reach out to them on their schedule. Podcasts are an incredible way to reach your target audience. It is the perfect way where your audiences can learn while multitasking. Moreover, podcasts also promote your online courses, and 63% of listeners are more likely to buy your lessons after listening to the podcast. 

  • Take the benefits of live webinars

Live videos are a great way to convert leads into customers. You can conduct webinars and use live videos to build rapport with your audience. When you are visible to your audience, they will recognise you. Moreover, you may form an emotional connection with them. Finally, you can use this opportunity to sell your courses faster.

  • Build communities

You can leverage social media platforms like Facebook to attract your audience. Facebook has a high user base, and you can use this platform to promote your online courses. Facebook groups help you engage with your audience and build your network of followers. Moreover, you can create exclusive groups for your students. 

  • Use videos and reels on Instagram

If you want to generate referral traffic, you can use Instagram. This platform can boost your online course selling business as 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts. Make small videos of 30-60 seconds to promote your course on Instagram. Grab your camera and shoot a quick promo clip of your course and increase your sales opportunities.

  • Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing has emerged as a new tool to promote your products and services. New age marketers believe in the potential of influencer marketing. Reach out to influencers in your niche and provide them with paid offers or products in exchange for promoting your online courses. 


Follow these tips to upscale your business and enhance your sales figure. Get started today with these easy to follow marketing strategies. 

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