Market Your Online Course After Publishing

In continuation of the previous blog on ‘Ways to market your courses online before it’s published, let us take a look at some of the ‘Ways to market your courses online after it’s published

1. Use your blog to promote your course

Your blog, especially if you consistently produce free content relating to the topic of your courses online, is an excellent area to promote your course. Every person who visits your blog is a possible student for your course if you produce articles about the same topic that you teach in your course.

The top bar of your website, the end of each blog post, your sidebar, and your About Page are all excellent areas to promote your course.

2. Start a YouTube channel

The second most popular search engine on the planet is YouTube (after Google). On a daily basis, millions of people search YouTube for “how-to” videos. In the search results of several search engines, YouTube videos might even score higher than websites.

Create a YouTube channel dedicated to the topic of your courses online and regularly post instructional videos. In your video descriptions, include a link to your website or course.

3. Publish a course promotion video on YouTube

On market, for your courses online, make a short video, and upload it to YouTube. To enhance awareness for your course, you might even make many promotional movies, each with a distinct title. Make sure your video names and descriptions include popular keywords relating to your topic so that they rank well in search results for those phrases. In your video descriptions, include a link to your website or course. Consider running ads for your marketing video on Facebook or Google, for example, if it does well.

4. Add testimonials from students to your course sales page

Social proof plays such an important role in a buyer’s decision-making process. . Few people relish the prospect of becoming the first to buy a product or service. They want to know if other people have purchased your courses online and had a good experience with it. That is why customer feedback and reviews are so important.

Add a few positive testimonials from other students who have taken your course on your course sales page. Allow a few people to take your course for free in exchange for a testimonial if no one has taken it yet.

On a daily basis, you presumably write and respond to a lot of emails, and some of the individuals you’re emailing would be interested in your course if they knew about it. Include a link to your course in your email signature with a short sentence. Even if the person who views your email signature isn’t interested in your course, they could know someone who is.

6. Create a page for your courses on your main website

If you have a website or blog, include a page on it with information about your course. Once that page is up and running, add a link to it to your website’s main menu so that people can locate it and learn more about your course. Include a link to your course’s purchase page on that page, or a link to your course’s sales page so people can learn more about it and decide if they want to purchase it.

7. Create an email list

Before they decide to buy from you, most customers need to hear from you multiple times. This is why maintaining an email list is so beneficial. When someone signs up for your email newsletter, you have the opportunity to win their trust over time by offering them relevant insights and advice on your topic. Because you offered value to them before asking for the sale, they are more inclined to buy your course when you eventually promote it to them.

8. Make your social media profiles more appealing

Your social media sites are an excellent approach to establish your personal brand and establish yourself as a subject matter expert for your course. Update your bio to represent your area of expertise on any social media platforms where you have a profile. Include a link to your main website (or even your course) in your profiles so that individuals who are interested in learning more about your course topic know where to go.

Readers, hope this blog helps you in marketing your online course and increasing your sales. Stay tuned to read more about such ways of selling and promoting your online courses.

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