6 Productive Hacks for Online Course Creators

The productivity of the course creator and success of the course goes hand-in-hand. To make your online course successful, you’ll have to make sure that you are productive enough to keep it running and consistent. There are many entrepreneurs and professionals who are creating online courses by taking their knowledge and experience and turning it into online courses and a steady source of income from working from home. While some find it difficult to take on a course with what they have already on their plate, others have created time and space to actually spend time to make course creation a part of their business.

Creating a course is not as intimidating as it seems to be, with a little direction and planning, course creation can be easily set to pace. Let us look at some of the points for the course creator productivity tips –

1. Build a clear plan 

Having a clear plan for what you want to teach, what you want to share, with whom do you want to share it and how are you going to approach the audience makes the plan easier. Many course creators skip this step, yet this is one of the most important ones for the success of the course. Some skip this step and focus more on building the courseware and look more on the appearance without a strategy. Take ample amount of time to write down all the ideas that you have in mind, take a moment and review your modes. Once you are clear with the direction of your online course rate, you could take out the ones which are not appropriate. Building a clear plan ahead of time would help you to have a more sorted plan throughout the course. All the pieces will fall in place once you have a clear plan about what your course content would be.

2. Batch create your content 

Batch creating your content is one of the best ways to get your time back and increase productivity. Your goal is to schedule your time to complete everything in one sitting, rather than coming to it every time you get some free time. As an online course creator, you already know that creating an online course can get tedious and daunting task at times.

You have to create several different things like creating the courseware, recording your videos, editing the video, and producing assignments along with maintaining it throughout the course running. It might take up a significant amount of time and energy in creating the content but it would be worth the hard work when this will pay off as the success of your online course. Working in batches allows you to work more quickly and efficiently, as a result, you become focused on the course creation and can easily build and maintain your workflow. One of the most efficient ways to work in batches is to follow your weekly planner, where you note down your tasks from time to time. You could always group similar tasks together and work on them in batches. On one day you could sit and create your course outline and on another day you could just record the videos and do all the editing that is required for your online course content.

3. Getting started 

A lot many course creators get stuck at the first step of creating a course, they create and work on everything, yet they always hesitate to get started with the course. You need to just get started with planning for your course launch. You can always create a pro-type or demo and look into it if any changes are required for a better presentation. You could also share it with a friend or someone you know would give you constructive feedback, someone who is an expert in a similar field. Get the feedback and make all changes, make sure that you make it as presentable as possible. That is what is called productivity, as a course creator the goal is to just get started. One of the biggest drawbacks that happen in productivity is procrastination. You need to look upon and take steps as soon as possible, complete one thing, and move on to the next one. You need to make sure as an online course creator that you motivate yourself to take the steps required to get started with the launch of your online course.

4. Repurposing your content 

Creating one kind of courseware and re-using it from time to time with a little bit of repurposing can help you save time and gives you ample amount of time to get indulged in other tasks. You could repurpose the same content and use it on your blog, live events, speeches, and webinars. This is an excellent way to increase productivity. You are saving yourself from having to reinvent new content every single time. When you are repurposing your content you will be able to implement it in your target audience’s mind.

5. Set targets

You achieve the goals for your online course, you need to set targets. You need to make sure that you set targets that you would be able to complete on time. Set the goals in a realistic way for your online course.

6. Outsource wherever possible

Course creation could be a massive task if you have less time and a lot of work on hand, you need to make sure that you divide your work based on the time you have. You could also outsource a few tasks to third-party vendors. Outsourcing tasks can give you more time to think creatively and work towards achieving goals for your online course.

Remember to always finish your work ahead of time so that you get enough time to revise your course content or course outline whenever required. Hope this blog helps you with productive hacks for online course creators. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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