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6 Methods to turn leads into Customers using Social Media

Lead conversion is an essential element of any business. Read the blog to know more about the methods that help turn leads to customers using social media. Turning leads to Customers using Social Media
There can be a lot of following we get on social media platforms. But are we able to turn these leads into potential customers? There’s not much growth with no sales, only leads, and we need to agree! This is a commonly found issue for various online businesses on social media. Yes, scoring leads on social media is a win. But is it enough? No! Simply growing the number of leads will not help the business grow.
There are no accidental conversations on social media. As of 2022, internet users worldwide spend an average of 147 minutes a day on social media. So, the more we strategize, the higher our chances of interacting with our leads! This will help us, in turn, leads to customers using Social Media. Let us look at the top methods for social media lead conversion.
6 Methods to turn leads into Customers using Social Media
There are numerous methods available for turning leads to customers using social media. Social media today has become quite a tool for online marketing. Let us look at the best six methods for converting leads to customers using social media.
1. Plan a proper strategy
The first step in the right direction is to ensure a thoroughly planned strategy for using social media to gain customers. No post or tweet will prove to be enough. Only a strategic plan will help us cut through the odds.
We can start strategizing by noting our immediate goals for having a presence on social media. We can try to answer some basic questions such as:
  • What is the biggest drive?
  • Is it more customer attraction?
  • Is it improving the services?
  • What do we want to convey?
  • What content is the audience more interested in?
  • Do not forget to make a keyword list! (Use them whenever or wherever we find them necessary!)
Keep these points in mind and make the right action plan for posting them consistently. With this, we are good at driving the right customers out of leads on social media!

2. Get the website optimized

We can always have a flashy and the most attractive site on social media. It’s a great way to attract leads. But, what will these social media pages lead them to? The business website!
Do we have one to claim proudly that it is optimal for potential customers? Remember, the customers need our goods or services to simplify their lives. They do not want tricky websites to complicate them!
Ensure the website is optimized for better lead conversion. It should be attractive with the utmost clean user interface. The compelling visuals on the course selling website will be a real chance to turn leads to customers using social media. A few points to keep the website optimized are,
  • Avoid making the users scroll or click a lot.
  • Make sure contact information is easily accessible. It should be prominently placed on one of the site pages.
  • The clearer the Call to Action, the better chances of winning a customer.

3. Social Media: Contest Runs

Ever participated in a contest run for a product on social media? Of course, we have! There’s no lie when it’s said that competition makes people curious. It has been put to use by many brands.
Business owners have made different aspects of running online contests important, which we can try to do. They are:
  • Lead conversion is heightened through these context runs. (We need leads to get potential customers!)
  • The more participants, the more the business will be shared with people. (Free marketing!)
There are downsides to every action. Similarly, a single downside of this method is that the lead is irrelevant. However, we can take care of this by having the contest for the right audience.

4. Maintain uniqueness in landing pages

A unique landing page for any social media platform is eye-catching. It might not directly add to turning leads to customers using social media, but it surely will increase the odds of it!
Our social media pages also show how passionate and dedicated we are to our business. This helps build trust. And we know leads will indeed become customers with a little more trust!
A landing page for our social media should have some necessary features. These include,
  • a call to action and
  • An area where the customers can ask doubts, if necessary

5. Social selling

In layman’s terms, social selling is “A method to sell the products or services among the network we built online.” This is most common on different social media platforms like LinkedIn marketing and Facebook.
The first step in social selling is finding potential customers. This will help build leads. The next step in the same process includes connecting with them. Once clicked, it is finally time to sell. Ensure they are hooked! Some ways for turning leads to customers using social media through social selling are:
  • Content sharing (have the content related to the products or the topic our audience to make them curious to read and share)
  • Invite the leads to any events that we conduct online
  • A testimonial, in the form of a video or audio, also acts as an excellent source for social selling our expertise in the field!

6. Direct Promotion: Social Media

Social media networks increasingly let companies use paid advertisements to market their goods and services directly.
For instance, Facebook enables us to design unique offers that customers may use on our website or in-store. Additionally, we can produce advertisements that showcase our inventory to a specific audience or even encourage locals to visit our store. Similar features on Instagram can be used to target customers directly.
Meanwhile, Pinterest enables companies to employ five “rich pins” types that present more details about our postings.
For instance, we can display the location and cost of the product’s purchase using product pins. Product pins can be a terrific strategy to increase online sales because many Pinterest users use the platform as an online wish list.
As we can see, it takes a combination of art and science to turn social media leads into paying consumers. But the basis for everything is a reliable community. As soon as we have that, we can begin experimenting with our calls to action, evaluating various landing pages, and developing new lead magnets.
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